Good-bye boring Ergo carrier

I recently took a very unwise peak into the world of “high end” babywearing (yes, such a thing exists & it would blow your mind!!). After drooling over carriers made of fabrics I had never even heard of (& priced so high I could not even convince myself to try to convince my husband), my beloved organic brown Ergo no longer made me happy. After a few days spent dreaming about owning an Obimama WWMT with ears I found my solution: recreate the carrier I already know & love!

Obviously dyeing anything that is dark brown is impossible. So, step 1: remove the dye. I used Rit Color Remover. I filled my washing machine half way & added 4 packets of color remover. The straps like to float so I used a ceramic casserole dish to weight them down. Within 45 minutes my Ergo looked like this.

Luckily, I did not pick my colors until after I removed the dye. Considering how butterscotch my Ergo was now, I needed a vibrant shade of green to get the darker green that I envisioned. I chose Dylon fabric dye (you can find it at JoAnn Fabrics) because I have had great success with it in the past. I am loving all the ombré that is en vogue right now and used that as my inspiration. I used 2 packets of Intense Violet and 2 of Amazon Green. I let the Ergo sit for 2 hours per color and mixed it around every 15 minutes.

The end result: my love affair with Ergo will continue! It turned out awesome! I love the tricolor look & the mottling (I debated re-dyeing to get a more uniform color but the mottling makes it much more visually interesting). I get comments every where I go now- my favorites are from people who never even knew babywearing existed & now are excited to try it.


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