How about a side of aspartame with that sushi?

One thing to know about me: I am a freak about being chemical free and especially about artificial sweeteners. During a middle of the night nursing session I stumbled upon a fact that made me cry a little on the inside: the ginger that was coming with my sushi almost certainly has aspartame.  I feel like I am pretty savvy when it comes to what I eat but this one completely blind sided me. I decided 2 things right then & there:

1. I would be bringing my own ginger from here on out.

2. I would make it my life’s mission to find the most amazing ginger out there.

After taste testing more ginger than I care to admit & failing at making my own…

the big winner is:

The Ginger People have outdone themselves.  This sushi ginger is heavenly & organic!

As for me, I can say that I successfully  solved another first world problem.